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Concrete Batching Plant

A concrete batching plant is a manufacturing plant where the ingredients used to produce concrete are mixed before being transported to a construction site ready to be poured. They are the ideal concrete machinery where a reliable supply and exact deployment of concrete is required. 

The advantages of a concrete batching plant at a construction site is that they:

  • eliminate the problems of inefficiency
  • minimise the risk of waste and therefore of loss of profits (concrete is mixed to exact specifications so no rejection of the final product, there is no over or under supply of concrete, no delivery delays and on site time wastage, no risk of the concrete being too wet or too dry).
Concrete batching plants fall into two broad categories. One is a long-term stay or permanent high capacity batching plant, which generally consists of silos, bins, concrete batchers, conveyors and control equipment. The other type of concrete batching plant, which is becoming increasingly popular is the mobile (portable) batching plant. Mobile batching plants consist of frameworks carrying batchers, conveyors, scales, control equipment, small silos and adapted to be transported from site to site.

Utranazz supplies the following types of batching plants:

  • self-loading batching plants, 
  • mobile bin-fed batching plants 
These batching plants are available either as new, used or to hire. The self-loading concrete batching plant is ideal for use at precast yards (preparation of moulds and precast concrete products), building sites and operations that require a continuous concrete production. All of the self-loading batch plants supplied are semi-mobile and can be supplied with or without cement silos. They can be electrically powered or diesel driven with a computerised weighing system.  

The bin-fed cement batching plants are fully transportable (a crane is not required to lift the batching plant at its destination), fully automated, have their own hydraulic off-loading legs and are capable of producing outputs of up to 40m3/hour. 

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