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Concrete Equipment Rentals

Utranazz Hire Concrete Equipment department offers concrete equipment on short or long-term rental nationwide. All our equipment is maintained in good work condition and are rented out job ready. Concrete mixers, batching plants and other concrete equipment can be hired out on a weekly basis for a minimum period of four weeks.

Advantages to Renting Concrete Equipment

  • Expanding your fleet through rentals puts you in a better position when competing for more construction contracts
  • Renting means supplementing a basic fleet with specific equipment rentals only when you need them.
  • Allows you to eliminate the need for a large storage area.
  • By renting you free your business of the warranty, maintenance and upkeep costs.
  • Use exactly what you need for the job rather than trying to “make do” with something else thereby saving time and costs through being more efficient.
  • Renting equipment frees cash or working capital for potentially more profitable uses without disturbing your line of credit.
  • Renting concrete equipment allows you to expand your fleet and not your overheads.

The Utranazz range of Concrete Equipment includes:

  • Self-loading rough terrain concrete mixers
  • Self-loading truck mixers
  • Standard concrete mixer trucks
  • Remix units
  • Concrete pumps
  • Concrete batching plants
  • Mobile batch plants
  • Cement silos
  • Volumetric concrete mixers
  • Standard mini-mix truck mixers
Utranazz also offer lease agreements and have an extensive range of new and used concrete equipment. Buying new is most sensible if the equipment is essential to your core fleet and expected to provide reliable service for a long time.

Contact our Hire Department for the latest hire rates on all of Utranazz concrete equipment:

+44 (0)1280 820770
Email: [email protected]