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10 Things you should know about concrete pump trucks

10 Things you should know about concrete pump trucks Concrete pump trucks have become the preferred method for transferring liquid concrete. Modern concrete pumps are designed to get the most demanding concrete placement jobs done efficiently.  Concrete pump truck makes and models offer different design features to meet a range of construction and building project requirements. Knowing what you expect to achieve from a concrete pump will help when looking to make purchase. A concrete pump truck should offer your company the best functionality and reliability. Here are ten concrete pump truck features to look out for. About of concrete pump trucks Concrete output measured as the amount pumped per hour (m3/hour). The Sermac concrete pump has outputs of up to 185m3/hour at pressures of up to 76 bars. Booms range in length depending on make and model of concrete pump truck. Sermac range of concrete pumps have either a 4, 5, or 6 section placing boom  Placing booms have the option of ‘ZR’ fold, ‘RZ’ fold or ‘Multi-Z’ fold openings allowing for all types of concrete placing work, even where space is restricted or isolated. The placing boom can be moved around so that concrete can be pumped exactly where it is needed.  Concrete pumps reduce man hours with many being able to place concrete continuously. Modern concrete pumps trucks have twin cylinder hydraulic systems with one piston drawing up liquid concrete into a cylinder from the hopper while the other pumps concrete out into discharge pipes. The system is controlled by valves so as the first cylinder discharges the other draws up fresh concrete from the hopper. The Sermac range has an ‘S’ valve made from anti-wear fusion material, which guarantees excellent outputs under hard working conditions. They can withstand high pressures and intense working conditions. Equipped with hydraulically operated stabiliser feet to ensure quick and safe placement of the pump truck at all types of job sites. Control systems on the placing booms and high-yield point heads are welded to sections and hinges with double support pins. This is a very important feature ensuring safe and reliable booms. All concrete pump trucks should be operated by fully trained CITB approved concrete pump operators who are fully averse in all concrete pumping requirements. On construction sites, time and accuracy are extremely important to avoid missing project schedules and budgets. Concrete pump trucks as supplied by Utranazz are suited to different types of concrete placement work even in locations where space is limited. Concrete pump trucks are robust and are manufactured using high-quality, wear-resistant materials. Utranazz offer a comprehensive after-sale service working with you to avoid any delays to a project.  
10 Things you should know about concrete pump trucks

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