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A Plant for Any Occasion: Find your perfect Concrete Batching Plant with Utranazz

A Plant for Any Occasion: Find your perfect Concrete Batching Plant with Utranazz

With over 50 years’ experience in the construction industry, here at Utranazz we have been gradually and consistently building up our range of concrete machinery. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, we pride ourselves on offering the UK’s largest range of concrete equipment. Our batching plant range is no exception to this rule, from premium to affordable and everything in-between.

Batch on a Budget – Our Semix Range

If you’re looking for something within a smaller budget, our Semix concrete batching plant range might be the ideal option for you. This affordable range of wet batching plants is exclusively distributed by Utranazz in the UK and Ireland, meaning you won’t get this kind of equipment anywhere else. Dubbed the “value for money solution” by our managing director, these plants offer large outputs at low prices, making it easy to feel comfortable choosing a Semix batching plant.

Semix mobile 70 concrete batching plant with orange and red parts

Our top pick for this range is the Semix Mobile 70, with an output of 70m3 per hour. This new model allows for quick and convenient transport, with the main plant mounted to a twin-axle trailer. At the deceptively low price-point of £159,500, it doesn’t sacrifice a contemporary approach, arriving pre-assembled with an integrated batch cabin for manual and automatic control via a desktop computer.

Mid-range Staples – Our Sami Range

Our Sami concrete batching plant range is a frequent go-to for many of our customers. These Italian beauties have been a Utranazz staple for some time now, and are typically dry plants, but we can offer wet plants too. Sami plants tend to be more popular with our small business customers, due to their small size and mobile nature.

Sami Model Tecno 3-100 dry-concrete batching plan in grey and silver

Our top pick from the Sami dry-plant range is the Sami Model Tecno 3-100, with an output of 40m3/hour. This new model retails at a respectable £89,000, placing it well within our mid-range collection. Mobility is certainly no issue with this model, complete with four fold-away hydraulic off-loading legs, setting up has never been quicker and easier.

Paying for Premium – Our SBM Range

All the way from Austria, our exciting new SBM premium concrete batching plant range is now available to our customers. You really are getting bang for your buck with this impressive range of contemporary wet plants, built for 24/7 production 365 days of the year, these large volume plants are renowned for their durability under the most extreme climatic conditions.

Euromix 1600 cm container mobile concrete batching plant

The SBM model Euromix 1600 cm Container Mobile Plant is our top pick from this range. Complete with a 2,500 litre BHS twin-shaft mixer, this model is famous for its mobility and has an output of 80m3/hour. Priced from £575,000, you are paying for superior quality, with added benefits such as Command Alkon with back office operating system, top quality components throughout, the plant being fully galvanised to prevent rusting, fully automatic cleaning system, integrated access staircase and all other necessary ancillary accessories.


You can explore our full range of wet and dry concrete batching plants here on our site, call one of our sales team on 01280 820 770 or email [email protected]

A Plant for Any Occasion: Find your perfect Concrete Batching Plant with Utranazz

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