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Benefits of U-Block Moulds for your Concrete Block Needs

Benefits of U-Block Moulds for your Concrete Block Needs

U-Block Moulds are a great way to produce an interlocking concrete block for many applications, including retaining walls and storage bays; offering accelerated flexibility and durability at lower costs. Our range of premium steel moulds, includes the entire product range from market leaders Blue Molds®, and is available exclusively from Utranazz in the UK.

Simple connections

Say goodbye to using mortar to connect a concrete block to another concrete block. The ‘Lego’ inspired design of our U Block Moulds means that once the concrete has been poured into the mould, the mixture takes shape, and fills in the studs to replicate the structure of Lego bricks to allow for simple connectivity between two or more concrete blocks.  All you need is a flat and stable surface.

Safe & Easy Movement

When used with tried and tested lifting devices and methods, maneuvering the concrete blocks

becomes even simpler. In order to move the blocks easily, lifting pins can be cast into the blocks and positioned with removeable steel recess formers, and then paired with lifting hooks, which allow for efficient connection with the lifting pin for freedom of movement in any direction. For additional aid in the lifting process, use a rubber ring to secure the anchor shaft during the lifting process. Should you wish to move the blocks using a forklift, a forklift hole former can be used to create a hole for the forks.   


With the U-Block Moulds, one design doesn’t have to fit all! The amazing flexibility of the moulds means that projects can create a vast multitude of different shaped concrete blocks, by using dividers and plates to adjust the shapes and sizes.


Being sustainable and environmentally proactive and friendly is becoming increasingly important when delivering construction projects; residual concrete being left in the drum is almost inevitable, no matter the project size or length. Our U-Block Moulds provide the perfect solution to tackling concrete waste. Instead of dumping leftover concrete, simply pour it into the mould and allow to set to create concrete blocks that could be used on another project. Recycled concrete aggregates can also be used to create concrete blocks.

Suitable for a range of different projects

Our U-Block Moulds have been used to create a range of different concrete blocks to serve different purposes, including;

  • Creating temporary buildings for events such as festivals, or temporary medical buildings.
  • Blocks to be used in landslide rehabilitation services; U-Block Moulds can be used to create the infrastructure necessary to support landscapes after a landslide takes place.
  • Road safety barriers;
  • Create material storage bays from concrete block moulds.

The Concrete blocks are strong, very durable, maintenance free, fire resistant and flood resistant. Their interlocking design increases the stability of stacked blocks and ensures easy alignment.

We have a huge range of U Block Moulds in UK stock, available for immediate dispatch. To find out more, call our team on 01280 820770 or, alternatively, fill in our online enquiry form and a member of the sales team will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Benefits of U-Block Moulds for your Concrete Block Needs

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