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Choose the Right Low-Level Silo for Your Budget

Choose the Right Low-Level Silo for Your Budget

With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, Utranazz is the concrete specialist. Supplying the UK with both new and used concrete equipment, we strive to provide our customers with value-for-money solutions which meet their building needs. With the introduction of our entry-level HYDROMIX / SAMI Eurosilo SPF32/T-B Low-Level Transportable Silo starting from £29,950 we now have an option for every budget.

Our range of mobile cement silos stores in capacities from around 10 to 75 tons. They are simple to transport, easy to set up on site and come equipped with an electronic weighing system inclusive of digital display and printer. This allows any quantity of cement or powder discharged to be controlled and also provides an accurate indication of what remains inside the mobile cement silo.

In our range of low-level cement silos, we have the SPF32/DE LOW-LEVEL Cement Silo and the SPF42/DE LOW-LEVEL Cement Silo with capacities of 32m3 and 42m3 respectively. Each unit features a rear-mounted filtration unit with vibrator and dust collection hopper, fill pipe with electrically operated safety butterfly valve, roof mounted inspection hatch and relief valve, front and rear inspection doors, body pressure sensor wired to pinch valve, 180º slewing & fully adjustable discharge auger complete with discharge sock, high/ low-level indicators with siren (high), electric vibrators to silo body, side-mounted toolbox. Main control panel, screened cables, all powered via 3 phase electric 380/440 volt. Fitted with 4 telescopic manually adjustable loading / offloading legs.

We have also introduced the New HYDROMIX / SAMI Eurosilo SPF32/T-B Low-Level Transportable Silo, a fantastic option for customers looking to get started with a low-level silo. This is a timed discharge silo and is perfect for use in conjunction with volumetric mixers. Starting at just £29,950, with the option for Utranazz to fit any optional extras at an added cost, we are able to build the ideal low-level cement silo that is unique to your needs.

The mobile nature of the silos makes them perfect for construction sites as they can be transported easily and can be assembled within a few hours without the need for a crane or large numbers of staff. This makes it perfect for small and medium size businesses who need the flexibility of mobile equipment with the ability to cope with big demands.

Our low-level and upright cement silos can also be fitted with an array of optional accessories including electronic weigh batching equipment, radio remote control, and water system with onboard tanks.

As well as providing new equipment, we also offer a wide range of used equipment and all our equipment is available to hire. All used equipment is from our own hire fleet, has a known service history and is kept in immaculate condition. With a range of different financial options to consider when purchasing, you’re sure to find the right product to meet your needs.

To find out more about our low-level silos we have an article on everything you need to know about low-level silos as well as an article about why you should be hiring a low-level silo.

For more information regarding our range of used silos browse through the catalog here, or get in contact with one of the team, email: [email protected]

Choose the Right Low-Level Silo for Your Budget

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