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Concrete Pump Maintenance Tips from Utranazz

Concrete Pump Maintenance Tips from Utranazz

Concrete pumps are one of the most important pieces of equipment on many construction sites and building projects, so ensuring it is always in tip-top shape is incredibly important. Regular routine maintenance of your truck mounted concrete pump is the best practice to minimise the risk of any problems or breakdowns occurring, which can ultimately lead to loss of income if jobs are not being completed on time.

Anyone who has worked with concrete pumps will understand the potential for disaster with such large machinery under pressure. As with any other plant equipment, if you look after it correctly, it should work effectively for a long time, which is why concrete pumps require regular maintenance to keep them running at optimal efficiency.

Key maintenance advice

To keep your concrete boom pump working as it should, here is our key maintenance advice:

  • Lubrication – This is the most important aspect of day-to-day maintenance on a truck-mounted concrete pump. Operators should ensure that the boom is greased once a week and perform a visual check on the boom and pipework. Most concrete pumps are fitted with an auto-lube system that automatically greases all parts that need lubrication. However, it is very important to check the auto-lube system daily to ensure that it remains topped up at all times. Should the auto-lube system fail, operators can manually grease parts using the concrete pump’s grease gun.
  • Oil & Water levels –  Concrete pump operators should check the water levels in the wash-box and oil levels on a daily basis, to ensure there are no leaks or issues with the equipment before use.
  • Vehicle condition – The general condition of the vehicle, such as the wear on the tyres or bodywork, are important factors that can determine whether the pump will run smoothly or not and should not be overlooked.

Why Utranazz?

At Utranazz, we offer regular servicing of all makes and models of static and truck-mounted concrete pumps by one of our highly experienced fitters. We have a team of mobile engineers who can come out to the site to service your equipment at a convenient time for you. We recommend annual concrete pump inspections to make sure that your concrete pump stays in tip-top condition and meets necessary health and safety requirements.

Our annual inspection includes examination and inspection of all structural and wear parts for damage, this includes pistons, cutting ring, spec plate, stabilisers, hydraulic controls, electric controls, hopper, boom, and all pipework. After this, we shift our focus onto the maintenance of the machine, such as the lubrication and oil levels.

Contact our team today to book your concrete pump in for its annual inspection with one of our experienced engineers. Email us at [email protected] or give us a call on 01280 820770.

Concrete Pump Maintenance Tips from Utranazz

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