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Container-Mobile Batching Plants From Utranazz - Case Studies

Container-Mobile Batching Plants From Utranazz - Case Studies

What are SBM Container-Mobile Batching Plants?

Stationary concrete plants will produce concrete in the same location for years. However, as both construction projects and the amount of concrete needed for these projects has risen significantly in recent years, it has meant that companies need batching plants on site. Container-mobile concrete batching plants from SBM, supplied by Utranazz, create a new essence of versatility, speed of delivery, precision and flexibility to project sites. SBM Container-Mobile batching plants are transportable pieces of equipment that are used to produce and discharge concrete at almost any given location.

What projects are SBM CM Batching Plants Suited to?

Container-Mobile batching plants from SBM are ideal for large-scale and long-term projects and applications, which include:

  • Airport development
  • Motorway construction
  • Ports
  • Bridge development
  • Water conservancy
  • Railway construction (including HS2)
  • Hydropower construction
  • Urban construction

The above list is not exhaustive, however it does show the capabilities of the SBM Container-Mobile Batching Plant range. SBM Plants can produce concrete to extremely specific demands to meet the requirements of EN 206.

Examples of SBM Plant Applications

SBM’s mobile plants are designed to work on large-scale projects that demand the most from their equipment. Below are two examples of the applications of the mobile plants, showcasing their extreme capabilities and versatility.

Swiss Alps Dam

This project involves building a new arch dam immediately in front of the existing Spitallamm dam, in the Swiss Alps, using SBM’s mobile plants to produce the mass amount of concrete required.

SBM installed two LINEMIX 3500 CM 800-6 H’s as well as a recycling plant for residual concrete at this large scale and challenging construction site. The plants will ensure concrete output of 900 m3 a day and the project is expected to be completed by 2025, 6 years after it began.

Transportation over mountain roads, through tunnels and via material ropeways, confined space conditions, high wind speeds, powder avalanches, heavy snow loads and extreme temperatures make working conditions very difficult. However, SBM’s mobile plants have the technology, sophistication and qualities to deliver and produce expertly precise concrete mixes, even in the most extreme climates like the Swiss Alps.

The new dam wall is designed as a slim, double curvature arch dam. This poses very special demands on the concrete mix and requires an extremely high dosing accuracy, which is assured by the latest technology of the SBM plants. The arch height of 113m and the crest length of 212m requires a concrete volume of 210,000m³. 

Find out more here.

Austrian Tunnel

SBM will supply a total of 6 mobile plants to contribute towards building one of the largest infrastructure projects of recent times. 1 x Euromix 3300 Space and 5 x Linemix 4500 Container-Mobile Plants.

The project involves building the world’s largest immersed tunnel for both rail and road traffic, between Danish and German territory. 

SBM mobile plants will need to produce 3, 000 ,000 m3 of concrete for the project in total; as these plants are designed to endure and operate 24/7 under all weather conditions, they are the perfect for this type of project, that requires speed as well as sophistication and precision in concrete production. Find out more here

What are the advantages of SBM Container-Mobile Batching Plants?

Easy to transport – of course, one of the main benefits of a mobile batching plant is that it has been designed to be movable. This means that you are not restricted on the location of your plant. The optimised logistics of SBM’s mobile plants allows transportation capabilities to exceed expectation.  

Fast installation and translocation – due to the unique and innovative design of the SBM Container Mobile Batching Plant Range, installation times are kept to a minimum, taking only 480 minutes, meaning that your plant is up and running as quickly as possible.

Long lasting – All SBM plants are contemporary in design and built to endure. Each plant is made using only the finest quality components, such as BHS Mixers, to provide outstanding performance; and every plant is fully galvanised to prevent rusting and ensure durability even under the most extreme climatic conditions.

SBM Container-Mobile models

If you are interested about learning a little bit more about SBM’s range, available exclusively from Utranazz, please view the following links:

What can Utranazz do for you?

If you are thinking about purchasing an SBM Container Mobile Batching Plant, or require more information on how they can benefit your project, please contact us today to find out how Utranazz can help, one of our friendly team will always be happy to assist you.

Container-Mobile Batching Plants From Utranazz - Case Studies

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