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Ensure High-Quality Concrete with a Utranazz Wet Batching Plant

Ensure High-Quality Concrete with a Utranazz Wet Batching Plant

Since our release of the Mobile 60 wet batching plant at last year’s UK Concrete Show, it has proved popular with customers looking to benefit from its flexibility as a semi-portable plant and a fantastic output of up to 60m3/hour.

The Mobile 60 is completely pre-assembled and can be up and running within 24 hours of arrival on site. It is ideal for suppliers of ready-mixed concrete and for large construction sites that require a fully homogenised mix.

King Concrete, based in Croydon, realised the potential of the Mobile 60 wet concrete batching plant and invested in one as soon as it became available; they had trust in Utranazz to deliver reliable and innovative concrete equipment that benefits their business.

Nigel Leach, managing director of King Concrete, said: “I’ve worked with Utranazz for over 15 years and have built-up an excellent relationship with them. I trust the company and their products, which are always of excellent build quality.”

King Concrete now benefit from two separate conveyor belts to enable faster batching. One belt is used to weigh the aggregates while the other belt simultaneously feeds the single-shaft mixer. This allows for precise measurement of raw materials and continual loading even while batching. The plant is designed to be a ‘plug-and-play’ unit and is completely pre-assembled including an integrated control cabin. It has been designed for quick and easy transport via coupling to the back of any tractor unit.

See for yourself the simple installation of a Mobile 60 in this video:

One of the best advantages of the Mobile 60 is how up-to-date it is with the latest technologies. All components of the Mobile 60 can be managed via three different operating systems; 1. Desktop computer, 2. Manual control panel, 3. Android app. It uses the ProkserNET software system, which enables the user to monitor and control all aspects of the plant, including creating and storing formulas, batching reports and delivery notes. The software can even be integrated with accounting programs to enable auto-invoicing.

The Mobile 60 is just one part of our range of wet batching plants available, which also includes the TecnoMix and the TecnoMix 4-LT.

The TecnoMix is the only mobile wet concrete plant on the UK market fitted with a self-installing concrete mixer that does not require a crane for assembly. The quick-install TecnoMix can be up and running within just a few hours of arrival on site and requires only minimal staff for installation. It is capable of producing 50m3 of wet concrete per hour, saving lots of time and money, allowing you to concentrate on the important things.

Find out more about the TecnoMix here including the extra options that it comes with. Get in contact with us to find out what a Utranazz wet batching plant can do for your business.

Ensure High-Quality Concrete with a Utranazz Wet Batching Plant

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