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Hire Your Cement Silo from the UK Specialist

Hire Your Cement Silo from the UK Specialist

Whether you’re a small ready-mix business or a large building developer with sites across the country, there are a couple of options when thinking about the storage and distribution of cement powder. The first option is to buy a cement silo, which can be a great investment and a fantastic long-term option, hiring a cement silo can give you added flexibility and save you money.

Hire a Cement Silo for as Long as you like

Here at Utranazz, we understand that busy periods come and go. Our customers take advantage of the good times and make hay while the sun shines. The flexibility of hiring our cement silos means that when the good times are longer than expected you don’t have to worry about returning equipment earlier than you need to.

Hiring a silo means that you can lease exactly what you want for a specific job, and you don’t have to worry about the hassle of buying and selling equipment. Hiring is great if you don’t think you’ll ever need a cement silo again, just hire it out for as long as you need and give it back to us when you have finished with it. Hiring with Utranazz is completely hassle-free, we will arrange all the transport, commissioning, decommissioning and training of your staff.

Don’t Worry About Long-Term Storage

We know how some construction and plant sites can be; you are already making the most of the space and adding a cement silo can add even more congestion. Our range of low-level silos come in capacities from 16-65 tons, are fully mobile and can be unloaded from a flatbed and fully operational in less than three hours.  You can place it wherever you need it to be, and it’s not the end of the world if it needs to be moved again as this can be done quickly and easily.

When you have finished with your silo, just send it back and you’ve got your space again. There are no extra costs of having to rent additional space or hassle of moving equipment around or preparing groundworks for permanent installation.

Get Your Cement Silo Going in Just a few Hours

Our low-level cement silo is one of the most popular models in the UK because it’s so quick and easy to get it up and running. It couldn’t be any simpler to install one of our Sami low-level cement silos. First, the four off-loading legs extend from being transported on a flatbed and the silo is raised from the truck. All you then have to do is drive the truck away and it’s really as simple as that. There’s no need for cranes or other expensive lifting equipment. All of our low-level cement silos are equipped with electronic weigh batching systems with digital display and printer. This allows any quantity of cement or powder to be controlled and gives an accurate indication of how much remains inside the silo.

With a Sami cement silo, you also know that you’re getting a piece of exceptional equipment. Sami and reliability go hand-in-hand but should you need a little extra help from one of our maintenance team, they’re just a call away 24/7 and will get you going again in no time.

Want to find out more about our Cement Silos? Check our all-you-need-to-know guide about Utranazz Cement Silos here or contact us on [email protected] or +44 (0) 1280 820770.

Hire Your Cement Silo from the UK Specialist

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