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Hiring concrete equipment during the uncertainty of Brexit

Hiring concrete equipment during the uncertainty of Brexit

Following the uncertainty surrounding how Brexit will affect the UK economy, hiring equipment from Utranazz comes with many benefits for contractors and construction workers alike. As the equipment is still owned by us, using our hire equipment can help you to avoid potential risks, such as capital investment risks, operating risks and legal/legislative risks. These factors, as well as maintenance costs, are the responsibility of us here at Utranazz, not you. Let us worry about the services and MOTs; you just enjoy the equipment.

Hiring equipment also provides several benefits that may help to counter the potential imbalance between demand and supply that could follow after Brexit. The uncertainty of immigration and import policies could result in less migrant workers and fewer imported pieces of equipment, neither of which are ideal for an industry that relies partly on skilled migrant labourers.

By hiring equipment, construction companies can have access to the latest machinery without a large expenditure, which can alternatively be spent on hiring a larger workforce and, in turn, the state-of-the-art machinery may then encourage higher standards of work and improved productivity. With construction workers able to work quicker and to higher standards with the newest technology in machinery, projects may be completed quicker, thus closing the gap between the demand for construction and the supply.

For short deadlines and quick turnarounds, hiring equipment can provide construction companies and contractors with the capacity to complete their projects in the desired timeframe without requiring them to buy an expensive piece of equipment that they may not use very often. Seasonal equipment may also be more efficient when hiring, rather than purchasing a piece of equipment that will only sit in a yard or storage for three quarters of the year. At Utranazz, we offer our competitive prices at a weekly rate, allowing you to only pay for the equipment for as long as you will be using it, rather than investing a large sum in new equipment that may not be worth its cost in work.

At Utranazz, our plant hire division offers the UK’s largest specialist fleet of concrete equipment at highly competitive rates. We specialise in the supply of: concrete mixer trucks and volumetric concrete mixers; wet and dry concrete batching plants; truck and trailer mounted concrete pumps; silos; and much more. We also stock a variety of miscellaneous equipment that is available for hire, such as dumpers, forklifts, telehandlers, generators, compressors and cut loaders. Any equipment listed on our Used Equipment pages is also available for hire.

With our base in Buckingham, Utranazz has access to both the M1 and M40, granting us routes to much of the country via motorway, we can deliver our equipment to any UK destination, or you can come to us and drive your order right out of our yard.

Brexit or not, hiring your concrete equipment from us offers flexibility and the chance to try-before-you-buy. We will arrange all the transport, commissioning, decommissioning of equipment and training of your staff.

If you are interested in hiring equipment from Utranazz, contact us today to talk to one of our team on: [email protected] or call 01280 820770.

Hiring concrete equipment during the uncertainty of Brexit

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