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How can hiring a silo save you time and money?

How can hiring a silo save you time and money?

What is a silo?

A silo is used for the bulk storage of cement and powder materials such as lime, filler, sand and PFA (Pulverised Fuel Ash). At Utranazz, we have an extensive range of horizontal and vertical silos varying in sizes and with capacities ranging from 10-200cm3+. With an abundance of silos available to hire today, we have broken down the reasons why hiring this equipment from us can save our customers precious time and money.  

Why are cement silos important on-site?

Silos are the ultimate solution for storing and dispensing cement powder efficiently. Storing cement powder in bulk means you can say goodbye to long, arduous waits for deliveries to be loaded and unloaded. Moreover, on-site safety is our priority at Utranazz. With innovative safety features such as high and low-level alarms, safety ladders, body pressure sensors, pressure relief valves and filtration units, Utranazz silos provide a forward-thinking alternative to loading cement powder manually. The silo auger directly dispenses cement powder into the concrete mixer, so the number of airborne particles is reduced, alongside reducing time and wastage. Our range of silos can be also fitted with radio remote controls, enabling them to be operated from a safe distance: this is a game-changer when it comes to the hazardous loading and unloading stages. With all of Utranazz’s silos complying with scrutinous EU safety regulations, you can be rest assured that your equipment upholds the highest levels of industry safety.

How can they save time and money?

Silos have revolutionised the cement powder loading process. This is due to the accuracy of dispersal and weighing, their impressive safety features and the ease at which they can be assembled. Utranazz’s horizontal range of low-level silos are easy to transport, can be set up within a couple of hours and have their own off-loading legs – so there is no need for any cranes or expensive lifting equipment. What’s more, our silos can be fitted with electronic weighing systems. These provide accurate data for how much cement is being discharged, saving you money on unnecessary waste or excesses. Utranazz’s vertical silo range can also be fitted with time-saving accessories including air fluidization systems and screw feeders, enabling your on-site processes to be more efficient than ever.

Why buy/hire from Utranazz?

Utranazz always has an abundance of silos in UK stock  – ready for immediate sale or hire. As the UK’s leading supplier of specialist concrete equipment, we offer an extensive range of hire and purchase options. For new silos, prices start from just £9,999 and hire prices from just £575 per week.

What’s more, Utranazz offers next-day delivery on all of our stock silos. We have an established reputation for helping companies out of breakdown situations, being able to provide new or hire silos the next day to get them out of trouble.

We recently helped a customer with this exact issue where their silo had broken down and they required a new one on-site sharpish so that they could continue with their work. The company were so impressed with the silo they hired from us that they purchased it! – All the more reason to get in touch today.

The advantages of hiring a cement silo are clear: not only do our silos save you time and money, but they significantly increase the efficiency of on-site cement processes. Get in touch today to find out more about our extensive range of cement silos by emailing us at [email protected] or calling 01280 820770.

How can hiring a silo save you time and money?

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