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How our after-sales team can benefit you.

How our after-sales team can benefit you.

When purchasing or hiring any of piece of concrete equipment from Utranazz, whether it be new or used, it’s only natural to wonder what happens if you ever run into an issue or need assistance after purchasing. We have an experienced after sales team, who are always on hand to help with a plethora of issues that might arise, including handling technical queries, organising services and repairs, assist with arranging modifications to equipment, or negotiating equipment upgrades. Meaning that our service doesn’t end once you have purchased or hired your equipment.

24-hour mobile engineers

In the event of breakdowns, we know that for every hour concrete equipment is down and not running, it’s very likely that you are losing money. To ensure minimal downtime, we have a team of highly experienced and qualified CSCS registered mobile engineers who are on 24-hour callout to assist you from the moment an issue occurs. The team recently helped Pump Wright LTD, who contacted our team for assistance when their pump broke down on a job. One of our mobile technicians were out at their Gloucester based site within 2 hours of their initial call to get the pump back up and running.

Pump Wright Ltd had the following to say in response to our dedicated customer service:

‘Massive thanks to Utranazz: Concrete Equipment Specialist for coming out to site in Gloucester within 2 hours of the initial call to install a new remote control and to allow us to keep this concrete pour moving after ours went down!’

24-hour ‘talk-you-through’ helpline

In partnership with our 24-hour mobile engineers, we also have a 24-hour helpline, which is ideal for businesses with their own technical staff on site to undertake maintenance work on concrete equipment. When contacting the helpline, your technical staff will be speaking with a knowledgeable engineer to talk them through the repair process step by step.

We also have a large range and supply of genuine spare parts available to keep your concrete equipment working.

Bespoke modifications

With 54 years of experience in the concrete industry under our belt, not only are we able to quickly troubleshoot any issues, but we can also pool our expertise and experience to provide bespoke modifications to almost any piece of concrete equipment.

Clyde Wind Farm Project

In 2010, we supplied C A Blackwell Ltd with four custom-made 6m3 demountable concrete mixers for use on the Clyde Wind Farm Project. We designed the units to be totally self-contained in order to be simple to fit to a demountable frame. The beauty of the design is that once the mixers are no longer needed, they can be replaced with the skip bodies previously used.

Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel

We developed two Hydromix 2000 SL Tunnel Concrete Mixers for the Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel. The mixers were the smallest 2m3 rough terrain concrete mixers to have ever been manufactured, measuring in at just 1600mm in width and 1877mm in height. Utranazz was able to meet a challenging design specification on the project, as the mixers needed to produce 2m3 of concrete while complying with strict height and width restrictions.

To find out more about how you can benefit from our unrivalled after-sales care, get in contact with us at 01280 820770, or fill in our online enquiry form here.

How our after-sales team can benefit you.

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