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How to get the Most out of Your Concrete Batching Plant

How to get the Most out of Your Concrete Batching Plant

Technology has changed for the better over the past 20-30 years for concrete batching plants. Batching plants in the UK now come with a wealth of options, increasing efficiency, speed and lowering maintenance. Technological advances now mean that it is easier than ever to get the most out of your plant, whether it is a dry, wet or self-loading batching plant.

At Utranazz, we aim to provide only the best concrete equipment that will increase your efficiency and rates of output, reducing your operating costs and increasing your capabilities. Our concrete batching plants provide the best solution for increasing your revenue while also saving time.

As technology develops, modern batching plants are becoming more sophisticated and providing operators with more control over the process. This could be supplying more accurate and consistent concrete recipes, or allowing your business to diversify into different areas. Sticking with old equipment could mean not benefitting from the latest technology and losing out on the efficiency benefits it brings.

Every concrete batching plant from Utranazz comes fitted with load cells and a digital display to ensure ease of use and minimise any human errors. Each unit also has a printer on board to enable constant control of raw materials. In order to get the most out of your concrete batching plant, we can supply a wide variety of accessories to work alongside all concrete batching plants including ad-mixture plants, aggregate feeders, water chillers and low-level or upright cement silos, you can find out more about our silos in our guide to cement silos.

We specialise in going that extra mile for our customers, which is why we are extremely flexible when it comes to customising and adapting batching plants. Our engineers can manufacture custom-built plants to your specific needs so that your batching plant is as flexible as you are.

For smaller businesses a static dry or wet batching plant can seem like a big step up and a massive expense. However, with a mobile batching plant, you can get the most out of your equipment and have all of the positives without the extra expense.

Mobile batching plants are the life-savers of small businesses in the construction industry. These mobile units give much more flexibility while still enabling an operator to produce up to a theoretical 80m3 per hour. Each mobile dry concrete batching plant from Utranazz is available in a choice of two, three or four bin sizes and are equipped with a specially designed conveyor belt to lift the raw materials, which folds away into the first aggregate bin, minimising its height for transportation.

The brilliance of our mobile concrete batching plants means that they can be commissioned in a matter of hours, making them great for sites where flexibility is required, as the unit can be moved easily from site to site, without the use of a crane. Furthermore, as the plants are mobile units planning permission is not required. The ease of use and mobility makes them great as a hire option, taking away the burden of committing to a purchase, our Dry Bin-Fed Batching Plants can be hired from £1,500 per week.

Wondering which batching plant would suit your business? Get in touch with our team and we can advise you on which one would be best for you. Call us on 01280 820 770 or email us at [email protected].

How to get the Most out of Your Concrete Batching Plant

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