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How to Keep Your Concrete Equipment Maintained Over Summer

How to Keep Your Concrete Equipment Maintained Over Summer

As the UK’s leading concrete equipment specialist we know that when it comes to keeping concrete equipment at optimum levels, temperature and humidity are two of the greatest enemies. For customers in climates that are hot or subtropical with intense or humid weather – be it inland, or coastal – Utranazz offers a Tropicalisation service for our concrete equipment, be it for one of our Rough Terrain Concrete Mixers or one of our Standard Transit Concrete Mixer Trucks. By taking the time to adapt our equipment and give it the extra attention needed, Utranazz is able to assure quality.

Tropicalisation is the process of adapting equipment to withstand the climate it is in. In the United Kingdom, our oil is made for temperatures between -20 degrees Celsius and up to 45 degrees Celsius.  In countries subject to warmer climates oil more suitable for temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius up to 50 degrees Celsius is necessary to ensure our equipment runs well, wherever it is in the world.

We can also fit a secondary hydraulic oil cooler to each and every concrete mixer, to ensure that the heat and humidity do not negatively affect the oil, with the system we fit keeping the oil at the optimum temperature.

At Utranazz, we take pride in ensuring our customers are always satisfied, which is why, to take it even further, if customers request it, we are able to look at the electrical systems in each machine. We make sure that all systems are moisture proof, putting them in weatherproof enclosures such as the NEMA 4, we make sure that care and consideration are demonstrated in every aspect of our work.  The NEMA 4 can be used for indoor or outdoor use to provide protection against water in humid areas and dust in hot, dry, climates.

Beyond this, we offer unrivaled after-sales care, spare parts and customer service for all new, used, or hire concrete equipment. Our aftercare includes next-day spare parts delivery nationwide as well as a next-day or 48-hour delivery service worldwide (location dependent), and a 24-hour helpline.

Why do you need to keep an eye on your equipment during the summer?

Hot weather doesn’t just affect the people working on equipment, but the concrete equipment itself. Humidity can affect the rust process, whilst warm weather can lead to strain on machines, causing them to overheat or malfunction. By making an active effort to adapt our equipment to the climate Utranazz is making a commitment to quality.

In addition to affecting the equipment, hot weather can also affect the concrete itself and its quality. When in temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius the production and setting of concrete are both affected. This can be combatted by using shade during the process, by mixing the concrete with water to reduce its temperature, or by using Liquid Nitrogen (LIN) in the cooling process to reduce concrete temperatures.

LIN cooling is an alternative to cooling with ice. Watch it being done below:


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How to Keep Your Concrete Equipment Maintained Over Summer

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