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Huge range of concrete truck mixers and volumetric mixers for sale or hire

Huge range of concrete truck mixers and volumetric mixers for sale or hire

Utranazz offers a huge range of new and used concrete equipment available to hire or buy. The majority of used equipment is from our own hire fleet, has a known service history, and is kept in immaculate condition.

Our used equipment is typically no older than 3 years, however, we do offer some older equipment that is in perfect working condition.

Here at Utranazz we pride ourselves on providing unrivalled after-sales care for both new, used and hire equipment to help put your mind at ease. Some of our post-purchase services include:

  • Next-day spare parts delivery nationwide and worldwide using our special partnerships with TNT and DHL
  • 24 hour talk-you-through helpline
  • 7 days-a-week general parts and maintenance department
  • Mobile engineers on 24-hour call-out throughout the UK and overseas

When considering hiring or buying a concrete truck mixer or volumetric concrete mixer it is important to weigh up your specific needs. We have collated some considerations to help you determine which option is best for you.

Length of the project

If your project is a short term one-off then hiring a Volumetric Concrete Mixer or Standard Transit Concrete Mixer Truck may be the most useful option as this gives more control and flexibility and prevents a large purchase of equipment that will not be used after project completion. However, If the project is forecasted for a long period of time, investing in purchasing a used concrete truck mixer or volumetric concrete mixer may be a cheaper decision in the long run.

One-off or regular projects

Hiring used concrete equipment for a one-off project, grants the freedom to simply give the equipment back at the end of the job. However, for clients who frequently carry out short-term jobs that are all similar, investing in the purchase of a Standard Concrete Mixer Trucks or Used Volumetric Concrete Mixers is often preferred as the frequent use means it is often more practical than continued hiring.


Customer budget is usually the most important factor when making a decision, and we offer excellent competitive prices for both our used volumetric concrete mixers and Standard concrete mixer trucks.

Volumetric concrete mixers

Buy used from Utranazz from £90,000 to £135,000

Hire from £750 per week

Standard concrete mixer trucks

Buy used from Utranazz from £49,500 to £117,500

Hire from £550 per week


Uncertainty or Covid concerns

Both sides of Covid-19 concerns can lead to alternative conclusions. Uncertainty around the guarantee of work can influence clients to opt for hiring equipment to prevent a large purchase that may not be used enough in these times to compensate for its purchase. Alternatively, the effects of Covid have put a huge strain on the import of concrete equipment which may be a deciding factor for purchases to prevent falling short to availability of rental equipment.

Easiest option

Both hiring and purchasing with Utranazz provide stress-free, easy options. Hiring reduces the worry of annual maintenance and initial outlay, whilst purchasing quality used equipment can also be a cheaper option in the long run. With our excellent after-sales care you can rest assured that whichever option you choose it will be as easy and convenient as possible.

If you’re still struggling to select the best option for your business, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team who will be more than happy to assist you. Phone: +44 (0) 1280 820770 or Email: [email protected]


Huge range of concrete truck mixers and volumetric mixers for sale or hire

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