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Make Sure Your Annual Concrete Pump Boom Test Certificate Is Up to Date

Make Sure Your Annual Concrete Pump Boom Test Certificate Is Up to Date

As temperatures start to drop and work starts pilling up in the build-up to Christmas and holidays, we understand that for our customers, the condition of their equipment is a crucial part of their business.

As with any machinery, regular servicing is essential to reduce the chance of breakdowns or costly accidents. In the concrete pumping industry, this is especially true when you are dealing with large pieces of machinery that work with abrasive materials under high pressures. Problems that are left unattended or overlooked can be extremely dangerous to operatives or the public, not to mention the high cost of damage to boom parts.

A Truck Mounted Concrete Boom Pump needs regular servicing and every concrete pump must gain a certificate each year to prove that it has undertaken and passed various safety checks. Not only does this ensure the equipment is running at perfect efficiency and minimise the risk of incidents, having an up-to-date record of concrete pump boom certificates backs up an excellent Health and Safety record should there be any accidents.

Our annual inspection includes pre-operational checks and tests, necessary repairs and routine inspections at specific time intervals depending on the boom age.

Utranazz engineers are manufacturer trained, meaning they are fully experienced in every aspect of each pump and have an eye for detail for the smallest areas of concern.

While our engineers are conducting their inspections, they are performing the following tasks:

-  observing the signs that indicate structural components may have faults, checking the stabilisers and grease points for cracking

- visual inspection of high stressed spots and zones on the boom, checking that the pump is operating as it should be

- inspecting hydraulic valves, check valves and shut-off valves for unusual or uneven wearing

- checking for any cracks and other discontinuities

- looking for excessive wear on all main wear parts

- inspect all pipe clamps, safety clips and the safety chain on the flexi hose

On the basis of these and other inspection techniques and maintenance procedures, our engineers are confident about the operational safety of the concrete pump.

If an inspection is successful, the certification for continued operation will be issued.

Should any work or repairs be needed our engineers are experienced and fully manufactured trained to carry out repairs as the manufacturers recommends, and all our repair work is covered by a 12 month parts warranty.

As with all of our repairs and work, we use genuine parts to guarantee that all work is completed properly and all warranties are still valid.

If your concrete boom pump’s inspection certificate is due for renewal soon, contact us now  to get booked in and start the New Year in full confidence with your concrete pumping equipment.

Make Sure Your Annual Concrete Pump Boom Test Certificate Is Up to Date

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