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Mobile Concrete Equipment – Utranazz’s Top Picks

Mobile Concrete Equipment – Utranazz’s Top Picks

As the concrete industry continues to expand, the pressure to complete jobs on time and to a high-quality standard follows suit. Traditionally, the process of setting up construction sites came with a number of issues; road closures, time-consuming loading and unloading of equipment, and general disruption to the day-to-day flow of site workers and the everyday passer-by alike are just some of these issues. We find our customers now, more than ever, enquiring after mobile concrete equipment as a solution.

The Benefits of Mobile Concrete Equipment

A quick look at just some of the benefits of mobile concrete equipment include:

  1. Quicker installation
  2. Location flexibility
  3. Easier transportation
  4. Savings on cost
  5. Suitability for smaller and larger businesses

Utranazz is pleased to be able to offer a wide range of mobile equipment that can save you invaluable time and space on-site, so that you can focus your efforts on other important tasks. Here are our top picks when it comes to choosing the perfect piece of mobile equipment to suit your needs.

The T3-100

Our batching plants garner much attention concerning mobility. Sami concrete batching plants are particularly popular with our customers, which is unsurprising as they have been specially designed with mobility in mind. The small and compact bits of kit can be installed directly on any construction site within 3 hours, thanks to their complete automation and pre-wiring leaving them fully optimised for transport and saving on installation costs. The T3-100 boasts four fold-away hydraulic off-loading legs, meaning loading and un-loading couldn’t be easier, whether you’re in the middle of a traffic congested city, inside a building, or even on top of a mountain. During transportation the legs retract into the frame of the machine and during off-loading they open out into a width that allows the truck to drive away or move back underneath the machine. In addition, the discharge conveyor belt folds away into the first aggregate bin, minimising the height for transport. Whilst this model has a maximum output of 50m³/hour, it is perfect for businesses that take on new projects often as it is so easy to move from site-to-site.

The Euromix CM 1600

When considering mobile concrete equipment, associations with being small and compact with limited output may deter bigger suppliers. This doesn’t have to be the case, as seen with our newly introduced SBM plant range. Those dubbed “super mobile” by SBM have the perfect balance between the benefits of stationary plants and the highly flexible nature of mobile plants. We’ve got our eye on the Euromix CM 1600 from this range; with an impressive output of 80m³/hour, this model creates a high cost-efficiency and low investment risk. Only one working day is needed for installation using a single crane, meaning space and time restriction is not an issue.

The SPF32/DE

Our range of mobile cement silos is also not one to forget in the search for mobile equipment, and Sami continue to consistently modify and innovate their Eurosilo models to resolve concrete equipment issues. Much like the Sami batching plants, their silos are specially designed and adapted for mobility. The SPF32/DE model is one of the most widely requested from our mobile silo range because it is so quick and easy to get up and running. First, the 4 off-loading legs extend from the silo being transported on a flatbed lorry. Second, the off-loading legs raise the silo from the truck, which can then drive away. It really is as simple as that. There’s no need for cranes or other expensive lifting equipment. This also means that you are not limited by location, as the silo can be easily transported to all manner of places.

You can explore our full range of mobile concrete equipment here on our site, or call one of our sales team on 01280 820 770 or email [email protected] for more information.

Mobile Concrete Equipment – Utranazz’s Top Picks

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