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Mounting Matters: TB40 City Concrete Line Pumps

Mounting Matters: TB40 City Concrete Line Pumps

We first showed off our Turbosol TB40 City Concrete Line Pump when we brought it to our stand at the UK Concrete Show in 2018, and it was widely well-received. Their position as an affordable, more compact alternative to larger truck-mounted concrete pumps made them an appealing option for inner-city and difficult-to-access projects, measuring just 6.2m in length and 2.06m in width. The stage 3B, Tier 4 engine inside ensures the TB40 is also compliant with London’s emissions standards, making it even more ideal for projects in the city.

Easy to squeeze between obstacles, the TB40 takes up less room on site as it carries all of its pipework onboard. Along with its concrete output of 40m3/hour, the TB40 is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment with a 125mm maximum pipeline diameter that can pump concrete and shotcrete at a horizontal distance of 200m and a vertical distance of 100m.

Due to our exclusive distribution agreement for the UK and Ireland, we buy our TB40s straight from the manufacturers, Turbosol, in order to bring them to you. Turbosol have earned their excellent reputation in the construction industry by producing the highest quality equipment that utilise the most hardwearing components, and the TB40 is no different.

When it comes to selling our TB40 Concrete Line Pumps, you may often see them mounted on a Mitsubishi chassis/cab, but this is simply our preferred choice. We’ve had clients express their desire to mount a TB40 to a different model of chassis/cab, and we want to make it clear that this is 100% possible!

Whether it’s an old or new cab/chassis, one you’ve bought specifically or one that’s been waiting for its next job, it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s over 7.5 tons, any make or model of chassis/cab can be used to mount the TB40 for your projects.

If you want to find out more about our range of Truck Mounted Concrete Line Pumps you can explore the full range here on our site or call one of our team on 01280 820 770.

Mounting Matters: TB40 City Concrete Line Pumps

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