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Our New Turbosol Equipment at the UK Concrete Show 2018

Our New Turbosol Equipment at the UK Concrete Show 2018

Since we announced our range of Turbosol concrete, screed & mortar equipment we have had lots of enquiries and questions about our Tubrosol range and our brand new TB40 in particular.

We think that the UK Concrete Show  2018 is the perfect platform for us to showcase our range of powerful and compact pumps. Our partnership with Turbosol is a great opportunity for Utranazz to work with Turbosol to create some bespoke equipment that we know our customers will absolutely love.

The first piece of equipment is the TB40/T Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump. Those who follow our social media channels will have already seen a TB40 concrete line pump being delivered to one of our customers who couldn’t wait to get their hands on one.

Turbosol has earned an excellent name in the screed and mortar industry for producing the highest quality equipment by only using the most hardwearing components in their equipment. Utranazz only works with some of the biggest and best names in the industry so it was right that we should team up to bring reliable, compact and powerful pumps to the concrete industry using our 60 years of experience.

The TB40/T Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump is a lightweight, compact, road-towing trailer pump that is available exclusively in the UK. Its combination of powerful pumping, at 40m3/hour, and small size make it perfect for contractors undertaking multiple pours in a day.

Here at Utranazz, we understand that for our customers, there can be nothing more infuriating than the long waits during pours or when equipment is unreliable and breaks down when you need it the most. Our TB40/T is small but powerful meaning that it takes up less room on site and there’s no hassle trying to squeeze between obstacles.

The TB40/T Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump is fitted with the new stage 3B, Tier 4 engine, ensuring it is compliant with the London emissions standards. It can pump up to 35mm concrete or shotcrete at a horizontal reach of 200m and a vertical reach of 100m (dependent on concrete quality, slump and aggregates). Measuring just 3.3m in length and 1.75m in width and with an adjustable concrete output from 2m3/hour to 40m3/hour, the TB40/T is an extremely versatile unit suited to any concrete or shotcrete applications.

The TB40/T has been designed with ease of use and operation in mind and is fitted with an Autec wireless remote control. To ensure minimal maintenance, the pump has been fitted with high-performance wear parts.

The features of the TB40/T don’t just mean that it’s agile onsite, it’s also one of the smallest sized pumps for its impressive output. You won’t find a pump that has a bigger output and yet is small enough to be mounted onto a trailer anywhere else. This makes it perfect for going to and from multiple pours in one day and saves you having to buy a larger line pump.

Want to find out more about our Turbosol equipment including the TB40/T? You can see our full range here or call one of our team on 01280 820 770.

We are so excited to be launching our TB40/T at the UK Concrete Show 2018 and we’ll be on hand to answer any questions you have about it. You can find us on stand D85 - you won’t miss us on our giant stand full of concrete equipment. See you there!

Our New Turbosol Equipment at the UK Concrete Show 2018

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