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SERMAC’s Superlight Concrete Pump Range

SERMAC’s Superlight Concrete Pump Range

Utranazz, The Concrete Equipment Specialist, is proud to sell the SERMAC 5RZ46 Superlight amongst our range of high-quality truck-mounted concrete pumps. The most popular of our range of Superlight Pumps, including the 6RZ56 and the 6RZ60 Superlight, it has been designed as one of our most advanced and versatile truck-mounted concrete pumps yet, able to meet a variety of market demands. We are excited to be able to tell you about what makes the 5RZ46 such an advanced piece of equipment as well as some of its main applications for you and your projects.

Agile and lightweight

For a vehicle of its size, the 5RZ46 is extremely manoeuvrable and lightweight. The use of S900 special stainless steel makes the 5RZ46 able to still weigh under 32 tons even with the 46m reach, 5 section multi-fold boom-mounted onto its 8x4 cab chassis. This allows it to stay within the UK weight limit and contributes to its versatility at a variety of projects in a range of conditions with limited space.

As well as this, it is remarkably easy and agile to drive compared to trucks with a similar-sized boom. This is thanks to its short wheelbase of 4.8m, making it the ideal pump when placing concrete in awkward or confined spaces.

Flexibility and power

The boom remains remarkably flexible due to its multi-fold ‘RZ’ design, combing both roll-fold and z-fold opening for extreme manoeuvrability. This allows the boom to reach its full reach of 45.1m at the exceptionally low height of 9.1m, making it able to discharge concrete at a horizontal reach of up to 41.1m and a downward reach of -33.1m.

The innovative design of its hydraulic stabiliser legs allows it to set up in difficult spaces and provides great stability using minimal space. Combined with its lightweight body and multi-fold boom, the 5RZ46 is effective and versatile for a variety of projects. This includes working on hard to reach tunnelling projects and residential building jobs up to concrete placement at 14 storeys high.

The pump is available in three different levels of concrete outputs from 130m3/h to 185m3/h at pressures of up to 76 bar, adding to its versatility for a range of infrastructure projects.

Safety & other features

Like the 6RZ56 and the 6RZ60 Superlight, the 5RZ46 boasts a range of standard features as well as some accessories available on request to keep you safe during use and tailor it for whatever requirements you may have. As standard, the pump is fitted with safety devices on the hopper door and hopper grate, as well as a warning horn for the boom and an E-Stop button. Two sets of radio remote controls are also provided with 2-speed proportional boom control and concrete output control.

Some additional features are available on request, including pipe storage, a rear camera, and the Sermac Stability Control System (SCS). The SCS system ensures the 5RZ46 can work safely at its maximum potential on a variety of construction jobs.

How can Utranazz help?

The SERMAC 5RZ46, available exclusively from Utranazz, is perfect for jobs where a flexible and agile concrete pump is required. Here at Utranazz, we offer a range of truck-mounted concrete pumps and other Superlight Pumps suitable for a wide array of applications. To learn more about the SERMAC 5RZ46, download our brochure here. Get in touch today with our trusted concrete experts through our online contact form or give us a call on 01280 820770.

SERMAC’s Superlight Concrete Pump Range

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