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The Ideal Rough Terrain Concrete Mixers for Tunnels and Small Sites

The Ideal Rough Terrain Concrete Mixers for Tunnels and Small Sites

As concrete equipment specialists, Utranazz recognises the importance of machinery meeting the needs of not just the project, the customer. Our range of self-loading rough terrain concrete mixers are available in outputs ranging from 1.0m3 to 5.5m3 and are designed specifically with confined spaces and remote locations in mind.

360-degree visibility from front operating cabs makes for easy operation inside tunnels, for example. The ability of this range of self-loading rough terrain concrete mixers to load, mix, produce and discharge over 100m3 of cement per day, offers a real advantage to any construction project.  

Not only are the vehicles joystick-controlled, but some models are also fitted with a 300-degree slewing drum, which allows for concrete to be discharged from every side of the vehicle at heights of over 2m. Furthermore, with 4X4 wheel drive, climbing harsh gradients whilst fully loaded is not a problem.

Our self-loading rough terrain concrete mixers are already very popular with customers based in remote locations or sites with harsh terrains. The all-terrain traction system and tyres are perfect for conditions year-round, meaning that spells of poor weather or muddy sites won’t stop concrete being poured. This means that our customers can pour concrete in almost any conditions and not lose out on seasonal revenue.

The safety aspects of our rough terrain mixers make them the ideal choice for projects in confined conditions such as tunnels and remote locations such as quarries. A fully covered operating cab means that the operator is protected from low ceilings and obstacles on-site and with 360-degree viewing, the operator has the best safety features available to get tough work done efficiently.

The rotating slewing drum makes light work of discharging concrete in small spaces as it can reach almost any location and do it in the safest manner possible. The self-loading equipment means that there is no need for expensive or large machinery to load the drum, saving space and time on small sites and allows the operator to get on with the job. Electronic weigh batching equipment is optional for more accurate recipes.

If you want to try before you buy, we have a range of self-loading rough terrain concrete mixers available for hire so you can see just how essential they are on almost any site.

For challenging projects, our selection of self-loading rough terrain concrete mixers is perfect for the job. Call us on 01280 820 770 or email us at [email protected] to find out more. With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, you’ll find the exceptional quality of our products is only surpassed by the standard of our customer service.


The Ideal Rough Terrain Concrete Mixers for Tunnels and Small Sites

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