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The Must-Have Concrete Pump for City Centres and Small Sites

The Must-Have Concrete Pump for City Centres and Small Sites

Concrete line pumps are increasing in popularity as advances in technology and engineering means that concrete pumping can be more powerful with smaller sized units. We have partnered with Turbosol to combine their expertise in pumping technology with our knowledge of concrete equipment. The result is the TB40 City Concrete Line Pump, a powerful and reliable pump that easily copes with the demand of moving large quantities of concrete in tight areas for hours on end.

The TB40 is able to pump at rates of up to 40m3/hour and is mounted on a nimble 7.5 tonne gvw cab/chassis. Being mounted on a small city chassis means that it’s easier to get onto small sites and negotiate busy city centres. The TB40 is also invaluable for residential jobs where country lanes, packed streets and narrow driveways can be impossible for truck-mounted boom pumps.

The Hydropump TB40 city line pump can pump up to 35mm concrete or shotcrete at a horizontal reach of 200m and a vertical reach of 100m (dependent on concrete quality, slump and aggregates). It is fitted with the new stage 3B, Tier 4 engine and has an adjustable concrete output from 2m3/hour to 40m3/hour. There is plenty of room for storage and these units carry all their own pipework on-board.

The TB40 is also a lot easier to maintain and simpler to operate than a truck-mounted concrete pump, meaning that operator training can be quicker and equipment can last longer with easy maintenance. When you purchase a TB40 City Pump you also receive two Autec wireless radio remote controls and one Autec remote control with wandering lead.

The TB40 also provides a lower price point for concrete pumps and with our finance options, it is more affordable than you think. We offer refinancing, hire purchase, finance lease and operating lease. You can find out more on our finance options page or you can contact us on 01280 820770. When you purchase a TB40 City Pump, we’ll also loan you a line pump to start you off until your TB40 city pump is ready for delivery.

When it comes to transport, we can deliver to anywhere in the world, using our shipping service to deliver to your nearest port. We also fully protect your delivery en route with rust-proof wax and all moveable parts are welded down or securely stored inside the equipment. For UK deliveries, we have our own low-loader capable of making deliveries of up to 20 tonnes.

The TB40 City Pump is the perfect addition to a fleet or an entry point for a  concrete pumping operation. It is able to keep within the UK weight restrictions, negotiate small sites and reduce costs with its Tier 4 engine and small chassis. If you’re interested in coming to see one for yourself you can visit our facility in Buckingham or you can call us on 01280 820 770.

The Must-Have Concrete Pump for City Centres and Small Sites

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