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The Utranazz Guide to Cement Silos

The Utranazz Guide to Cement Silos

Cement Silos offer massive potential savings for construction companies, batching centres and precast concrete factories as efficient and secure storage for cement powder or PFA (pulverised fuel ash). Here at Utranazz, we want to make sure that our customers have all the right information before they make a decision, so here our guide to the perfect cement silo.

Cement silos offer the perfect solution to the expensive and time-consuming method of adding cement to the concrete mix. A cement silo enables our customers to buy their cement powder in bulk, store it and dispense when needed. This keeps our customers as flexible as possible, as they aren’t relying on deliveries or waiting for cement bags to be painstakingly loaded and unloaded.

Our steel cement silos are perfect for the storage of cement or PFA (Pulverised Fuel Ash) making it easier than ever to mix vast quantities of concrete, mortar or grout in a short amount of time thanks to their capacity of up to 75 tonnes and augers for accurate discharge.

In addition to cost and time savings, a cement silo is also much safer than manually loading cement. The auger directly dispenses cement into a mixer, reducing the number of airborne particles as well as wastage. At Utranazz, we take care on increasing the safety of our equipment, so that they are reliable and our customers have peace of mind, knowing that we care about the safety of your employees and members of the public.

Both brand new full-scale and used low-level cement silos can be fitted with a variety of accessories. These can range from radio remote controls (which can operate the blower from a safe distance) to in-built water systems with their own on-board tanks and electronic weighing systems. Such accessories are especially useful in vertical cement silos. Radio equipment allows your staff to operate from a safe distance reducing the risk of injury during hazardous stages of unloading or loading vertical cement silos.

Our silos come in semi-permanent vertical and fully mobile low-level or horizontal cement silo varieties. The low-level silos are specifically design for quick and easy set-up as well as being easy to dismantle. A flatbed truck can be driven underneath and the legs of the silo can be removed, lowering the low-level cement silo onto the vehicle. This easy process means that there is no need for a crane or other machinery, making it the ideal solution for construction and development sites.

Our expert craftsmen and technicians can also customise any cement silo to fit your needs. Utranazz recently added a second discharge auger to a Slimatic 45/DE Vertical Silo for iMix Concrete so that they can fill their volumetric mixer and batching plant at the same time, saving them lots of time and keeping their fleet on the move.

Our cement silos are also available for hire, allowing you to try before you buy and find out for yourself how much time and money you can save. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our ranges of cement silos, contact us at [email protected] or give us a call on +44 (0) 1280 820 770.

The Utranazz Guide to Cement Silos

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