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Utranazz New Range of Concrete U-Block Moulds

Utranazz New Range of Concrete U-Block Moulds

Our new range of U-Block Moulds provides a great way for ready-mix producers to turn residual concrete into sustainable concrete blocks. 

Our flexible U-Block Moulds allow you to essentially create ‘Lego’ concrete blocks that can easily be stacked without the use of mortar. U Block Moulds come in a variety of shapes and forms, meaning that a wide range of concrete blocks can be produced for a variety of applications, for example:

  • Material storage bays
  • Perimeter walls and fences
  • Temporary buildings
  • Road safety barriers
  • Fire protection walls
  • Landslide rehabilitation
  • Traffic management

Our U Block Moulds come in 2 different ranges, the Budget Block, Basic Block and Blue Mold®. All three moulds have the capabilities of creating a wide range of different shaped blocks thanks to the design and use of dividers and other accessories. Dividers are used with a U Block to create different shaped moulds, this could be done by using our Stairs Dividers, Beam Through Dividers or even 45 Degree Dividers.

The Budget Block is our most affordable block mould. This mould comes in one size which is 160x80x80cm. Despite only coming in one size, the possibilities are still vast thanks to our dividers, which can transform any U Block Mould into a completely different shape easily and efficiently.

The Basic Block Mould is our mid-range price block and comes in the same size as the Budget Block, being 160x80x80cm. This mould is delivered in an assembly kit, complete with bolts, and must be assembled before use. These concrete block moulds can be suitable for many applications and the possibility of expanding or modifying the construction you are making is always available to you.

The Basic Block and the Budget Block are only compatible with concrete blocks produced from the same mould. For example, a block produced from the Basic Block mould can only be stacked with other blocks made from the Basic Block mould.

If you are looking for an even more versatile form of mould, then look no further than Blue Mold®, available exclusively from Utranazz in the UK. Blue Molds® offer concrete moulds in a huge variety of different sizes, from 160x80x80 to 120x30x30, dividers are also available for these moulds to create yet more options. These blocks are super flexible, as they are not only compatible with other Blue Mold® blocks but also with the market-leading brands.

U Block and Blue Mold® steel-concrete moulds are moved incredibly easily using our accessories and lifting devices. The following accessories can be purchased:

  • Lifting Pin – which is cast into the concrete black and positioned with a removable magnetic steel recess.
  • Lifting Hook – The hook allows for an efficient, fast and safe connection with the lifting pin, enabling the movement of the concrete block in any direction needed.
  • Magnetic steel recess former - tool for the cast-in pin positioning in the mould/block.
  • Rubber Ring – aids with the lifting process, securing the anchor shaft.

These accessories, in combination with tried and tested lifting devices, clamps and forklift hole formers makes manoeuvring your concrete blocks easy and straightforward, allowing construction to erect effortlessly. Concrete blocks allow for simplistic and stress-free construction thanks to their interlocking systems and ease of production. Find out more here.

If you want to purchase anything from our concrete block moulds range or simply want to learn more, then do not hesitate to call us on 01280 820770 or contact us here One of our friendly team will always be more than happy to help.

Utranazz New Range of Concrete U-Block Moulds

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