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Why Have Our Concrete Batching Plants Been So Popular in the UK?

Why Have Our Concrete Batching Plants Been So Popular in the UK?

A few months ago, we released a new range of precast batching plants to add to our vast range of batching plants on our new equipment page, and since then all of our Batching Plants have generated lots of interest! In response to their popularity, we thought we’d go into more detail about what makes these machines so brilliant.

Our batching plants are split into Dry Batching Plants, Wet Batching Plants, and Precast Batching Plants, with some of our most popular models being our semi-mobile TechnoMixs and the Mobile 60 and 70, perfect for suppliers of ready-mixed concrete looking for their own supply of accurate concrete.

The Mobile 60 is completely pre-assembled and can be up and running within 24 hours of arrival on site. It is capable of batching 1m3 of wet concrete in 60 seconds (60m3/hour), making it ideal for suppliers of ready-mixed concrete and for large construction sites that require a fully homogenised mix.

The TecnoMix LT range of wet concrete batching plants is semi-mobile. The aggregate bins are fully mobile, whilst the pan mixer is static, providing users with the quality expected from a fixed plant at a significantly reduced cost. The compact size and versatile nature of the TecnoMix LT plants mean that minimal time is required for set up, they can be up and working within 2 days, making them suited to sites with limited space or to users that do not want to invest in an expensive static plant. The TecnoMix LT plants are so versatile they can operate as either a wet or a dry plant via a specially designed mechanical system that enables the plant to bypass the pan mixer and discharge the dry concrete straight into a truck.

Our new Precast Concrete Batching Plants are a further addition to our range of products that our wealth of industry knowledge has helped to develop, with three great options for every precast concrete business. We aim to provide world-leading equipment that not only does the job but is of such high quality that it will last under constant stress. As the UK’s leading specialist in concrete equipment, we want concrete equipment users around the world to benefit from our decades of experience.

Ultimately efficient, all three models of Precast Concrete Batching Plants can be up and running within one hour of arriving on site, providing fully mobile alternative to larger wet concrete batching plants. All of our available precast plants are capable of producing concrete, screed, mortar, cold asphalt, and fibre-reinforced concrete.

The main benefit of our pre-cast range is that every model has load cell weighing equipment included, allowing for the utmost accuracy and reliability when producing concrete. Weighing the materials separately allows for the perfect combination every time, whether you need foundations or trench fill, pavements or cavity filling, our batching plants can ensure the correct volume of each material is combined to produce the exact volume and consistency that you require.

You can also visit our New Equipment page to see which batching plants we have in stock right now, and we are always open to sensible offers. We also have a range of financing options thanks to us working closely with a number of finance companies. These solutions can be tailored to your requirements to help you in the best way possible, whether you need additional working capital or you need help funding a deposit for a new batching facility.

If you can’t decide which batching plant is the right one for you, get in contact with us today. We’d love to tell you more about the range, and are happy to help make your decision easier. Call us on 01280 820 770 or email us at [email protected]

Why Have Our Concrete Batching Plants Been So Popular in the UK?

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