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Why You Should Invest In A Sermac Concrete Pump

Why You Should Invest In A Sermac Concrete Pump

At Utranazz, we pride ourselves on our expertise in selecting and stocking the perfect concrete equipment for our customers. Truck-mounted concrete pumps are no exception; as the exclusive UK dealer for premium Milan-based company Sermac, we have a huge range of capacities, sizes, and boom lengths, so our products can be tailored to suit your requirements.

In this handy guide, we have put together our top reasons why Sermac pumps are the ideal choice – plus, we offer a variety of flexible sales packages, including part-exchange, so our customers can use Sermac high-quality equipment whatever their budget.

Low maintenance and high quality

All of our Sermac pumps are equipped with immensely durable materials, such as Tungsten wear plates, twin-wall pipelines, and extra high-resistant wear parts. This ensures an extremely low overall maintenance cost is maintained – some components can even last as long as twenty years!

There is also the additional bonus of some parts being suitable for use across different models of concrete pump. For example, some components are the same for the S8 pumping group as the G9 pumping group. Customers can therefore make use of the opportunity to utilize the same spare parts on various different models, saving both time and money.

Another great feature is the reduced number of electronic components in Sermac pumps compared to competitors, eliminating the need for expensive electrical engineers if a part needs replacing, and thus ensuring a quick turnaround. By giving customers the possibility to replace components themselves, Sermac demonstrates their commitment to ensuring maximum user satisfaction.

100% European

Sermac is proud to be the only European company currently in the concrete pump market that is entirely supported by European funds – no Chinese or Korean backing. Their pump components are sourced from reputable EU suppliers, assuring customers of certified high-quality products. With TUV and ISO quality certification providing an added layer of security, our customers can feel secure in the knowledge that Sermac pumps are the quality choice.

Years of experience

Both Sermac and Utranazz sales staff are all well-versed in after-sales care. With over a century’s wealth of combined experience in the concrete pumping industry, we can ensure any issues are rapidly resolved.

Long-standing family owned company

Sermac represents the only concrete pump manufacturer that is family-owned and run; and their chosen dealers have similarly strong family values, with a focus on strong after-sales and support. Sermac, like Utranazz, prioritise creating long-term, meaningful relationships with customers.

Company-owned welding factory and internal technical departments

Sermac have their own specialized facilities, such as a dedicated welding factory – this maximises the confidence in their products, by always being certain how each product is made due to its internal production.

Furthermore, Sermac has dedicated technical departments. Whether a concrete pump was bought a year ago or ten years ago, they are able to troubleshoot any problems, and enable customers to upgrade their old pumps with the latest technologies.  


Searching for the right Sermac concrete pump for you? Utranazz can help! Contact our team today to enquire about any of our static or boom pumps, and to find out more about our part-exchange and hire-with-purchase-optional packages. Call 01280 820770 or email: [email protected]

Why You Should Invest In A Sermac Concrete Pump

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