Hydromix / Kimera S730 Volumetric Concrete Mixer

Utranazz's range of Kimera Volumetric Concrete Mixers are the most advanced mobile concrete mixers in the world! A volumetric mixer is essentially a mobile truck mixer and concrete batching plant rolled into one. All the raw materials are stored in separate compartments and these are then metered and mixed into fresh concrete when and where it is needed. This means there is no expensive waste of materials, as the unmixed product remains useable indefinitely. The S730 is the only Volumetric Concrete Mixer in the UK market to be equipped with a load cell weighing system. This unique weighing system, the ZWeight system, ensures total accuracy to ±0.02%. Such precision enables an extremely homogenous product, which can allow the user to easily achieve quality accreditation.

The S730 Volumetric Concrete Mixer is capable of producing concrete, screed, mortar, cold asphalt and reinforced concrete at outputs of up to 30m3/hour and offers a variety of mounting options to any mobile vehicle, including truck, trailer and rail bogey. It can also be supplied as a static unit or with hydraulic off-loading legs for ultimate flexibility and mobility. 

The S730’s unique load cell weighing system measures the quantity of cement and both the aggregates, which ensures accurate and repeatable mix designs. This makes the S430 ideal for both small and large pours. The mixer is fitted with two independent conveyor belts for delivery of the two different aggregates, or sand, allowing the operator to quickly interchange between batching concrete and then screed, for example. The final mix is discharged via a single 12” x 9” auger that slews through 180o and can be inclined at up to 35o to increase the unloading height.

The extreme mobility and versatility of the S730 means that it is ideal for companies in the construction, road, infrastructure, ready-mixed concrete, pre-cast and recycling sectors, to name a few. 


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