After Sales Support for Nigeria

Suppliers of Concrete Batching Plants, Volumetric Mixers, Rough Terrain Concrete Mixers, Cement Silos and Concrete Pumps to Nigeria  

Utranazz specialises in the sale of new and used concrete equipment that is particularly suited to the Nigerian market. The huge range of concrete equipement we are able to offer means that we are a one-stop-shop for all your concrete equipment requirements. 

We understand the needs of our customers in Nigeria, therefore we are able to provide advice and assistance on choosing the right kind of concrete equipment for any kind of project. In addition, we offer training and support to those operating equipment bought from Utranazz. All the equipment we sell is renowned for being easy to operate.

Shipping of concrete equipment to Nigeria  

Utranazz use a shipping company who specialise in transporting heavy-duty equipment to Nigeria.

Equipment is shipped either using a roll on roll off (RO/RO) method or is partially dismantled and placed into a container.

Prior to shipping via sea freight, all concrete equipment is sprayed with a special rust-proofing wax to prevent any corrosion by the sea air.

Utranazz ensures that stringent security measures are in place before shipping any equipment by using the following theft-proof methods:

  1. All large items such as toolboxes are welded down
  2. For items such as concrete mixers all easily removable items are placed inside the concrete drum and a wire mesh is welded over the opening
  3. For items such as concrete pumps all pipe-work is welded down and any easily removable items are placed in the hopper. A wire mesh is then welded over the opening.

After sales service

Utranazz offers the following after sales service to all Nigerian customers:

  1. 48 hour spare parts delivery service using our special partnership with TNT and DHL
  2. 24 hour talk-you-through helpline
  3. 7 days-a-week general parts and maintenance department
  4. Mobile engineer based in Nigeria available for call-out

Who We Work With

Here are some of the companies that we have supplied equipment to in Nigeria: