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A Spotlight on SBM Mineral Processing GmbH

A Spotlight on SBM Mineral Processing GmbH

Utranazz recently announced that we have signed an exclusive distribution agreement with SBM Mineral Processing GmbH (SBM), a world-renowned Austrian company considered to be the pioneers and market leaders of the concrete plant and mineral processing equipment industries. From June 17th 2019, Utranazz will be able to supply SBM’s entire portfolio across the UK and Ireland, covering stationary mineral processing plants to super-mobile and static concrete mixing plants.

With over 60 years of experience, SBM has become a globally well-established and comprehensive supplier, capable of catering for various industry sectors, including mineral processing and conveying plants for the recycling and natural stone industries, and concrete mixing plants for ready-mixed and pre-fab concrete.

Each plant and machine from SBM is planned, designed and manufactured to provide the optimal fulfilment of the respective processes and processing conditions employed by the end client. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to their after sales department, with strict quality criteria in place that must be met by each product and a willingness to provide individualised solutions when required.

SBM’s products can be categorised into two sides of the business: Mineral Processing and Concrete Mixing. Their Mineral Processing plants can be further classified into the sub-sections of Mobile, Stationary and Individual, with their Individual machines providing the separate sections of the product line: crushing; classifying; conveying; and wet processing.

The Stationary Plants are specifically designed, manufactured and installed for the sites they will be deployed on, making them as efficient and cost-effective as they can be for each customer. There are two main models of mobile Mineral Processing plants, the JAWMAX® and the REMAX®, and semi-mobile plants are also available.

On the Concrete Mixing side of the business, there are Stationary, Mobile and Super-Mobile plants, as well as a tailor-made solutions service. The steep-sided outlet cones of the stationary TOWERMIX make it perfect for slow-flowing materials, while the LINEMIX’s horizontal mixing plant allows the number of aggregates components and storage volumes to be freely selected depending on demands.

There are several series of models in SBM’s mobile Concrete Mixing plants, including the EUROMIX series, the LINEMIX series, LINEMIX B TWINPOWER, VARIOMIX and MINIMIX. Each series has been ideally designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of different sites, projects and industries.

For projects that require an even higher level of mobility than the mobile series, SBM have proved their world-leading pioneering spirit with their Super-Mobile EUROMIX® series. With an installation time of only 480 minutes, this series has been designed for year-long, 24/7 operation in all climatic conditions. Available in five power classes, the modular design allows for plant expansions or upgrades when required, such as increasing hopper capacity, adding additional silos or installing winter equipment.

If you are interested in learning more about SBM and their products & services, please contact us to book a meeting with a member of our sales team, please fill in our enquiry form or call us on 01280 820770.

A Spotlight on SBM Mineral Processing GmbH

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