Our range of Concrete U-Block Moulds come in a variety of sizes to suit all applications. Using our concrete 'lego block' moulds is a simple and easy way to produce concrete blocks from poured concrete and the perfect solution for turning unused concrete into sustainable concrete blocks. Think of the excess concrete left in the barrel, why waste it!

U-Block Moulds are so flexible you can use the same mould to produce different shaped blocks. The large studs on the top of the concrete blocks fit perfectly and provides a simple connection so the blocks can be stacked without the use of mortar. That's why we describe them as concrete 'lego block' moulds, because they fit together easily and smoothly!

U-Block Molds are available in many forms so that a wide range of concrete blocks can be produced. For example: 

  • Material storage bays
  • Perimeter walls and fences
  • Temporary buildings
  • Road safety barriers 
  • Fire protection walls 
  • Landslide rehabilitation 
  • Traffic management 

Concrete blocks allow for endless applications and the possibility of always modifying or expanding the construction you are making. Thanks to the interlocking system and lifting pins in the top of the blocks, they are easy to move and stack. 

We have a huge stock of block moulds and accessories in stock. Buying in bulk? Contact us for discounted rates! 

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