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Benefits of using a screed pump

Benefits of using a screed pump

When it comes to construction, there are many tools that make the trade a little easier – one of which is a screed pump. But what exactly does this particular machine do and how will it help with your next project?

Why is screed important?

Screed is an essential material for many projects, especially flooring. It’s often used on top of a strong base layer of concrete as a finishing layer on internal floors (especially in industrial environments), or can be used to level a floor before the laying of tiles, laminates, or carpets.

Thanks to the seamless finish provided by screed, its longevity, and durability, it’s becoming popular for many forward-thinking architects and designers to simply paint over a screed floor making it a cost-effective material for all project types.

However, getting the perfect finish is essential, and that’s where a professional screed pump comes in extremely useful.

What is a screed pump?

A screed pump, at the simplest level, mixes cement, sand, and other additives to create an evenly prepared screed that can be poured onto a prepared surface. Utranazz’s Transmat 27.45 Screed Pump is one of our most popular models. It enables the user to pump and mix large volumes of traditional screeds, making it perfect for large industrial flooring applications.

What are the benefits of a liquid screed pump?

Better quality screed mix

The use of a liquid screed pump often creates a more thoroughly mixed material resulting in a smoother finish once laid. This is ideal for projects that use screed as a finishing top layer as imperfections in the mixture will be easily noticeable. In addition, self-leveling pumps such as the  PRO H DM create an even better quality finish than traditional screed pumps.

High-efficiency pumping

Laying and compressing screed manually is a time-consuming job. By taking advantage of a liquid screed pump, projects can be completed in less time resulting in lower labour and hire costs. The self-leveling screed pump models are perfect for ensuring screed is laid evenly in an instant, removing the need to manually level the material once laid.

Minimal dust pollution

It’s common to have to lay screed while other areas of the site are still a work in progress and therefore keeping dust pollution to a minimum is ideal. Manually mixing screed onsite can cause unwanted dust particles to make their way to other areas of the site or create an unhealthy environment for working. However, using a screed pump eliminates this problem as all materials are mixed within the contained unit.

Easier access to difficult areas

Pumping liquid screed into hard-to-reach areas is especially easy thanks to a range of hose lengths. The PRO H CL model, for example, has a reach of up to 100m horizontally and 50m vertically making floor laying in multi-floor buildings or remote areas no hassle at all. Manually transporting screed materials is a difficult process and can often be impossible in some extreme locations. By investing in a screed pump, you can rest assured that your project will be complete in no time.


At Utranazz, we stock a huge range of screed pumping and mixing equipment, and we offer finance as well as part exchange. Call our sales team on +44 (0) 1280 820770, email us at [email protected], or send a query via our online enquiry form, to find the right screed pump for your next project.

Benefits of using a screed pump

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