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CASE STUDY: Mitcham Building Supplies Invests £500k in New Concrete Batching Facility From Utranazz

CASE STUDY: Mitcham Building Supplies Invests £500k in New Concrete Batching Facility From Utranazz

When Mitcham Building Supplies (MBS) decided to invest in a new concrete batching facility they got in touch with the concrete equipment specialist and explained what they wanted to achieve. A site visit was arranged so the Utranazz team could assess the spatial requirements and gain a full understand of what MBS wanted to accomplish.

Having previously supplied concrete using their own volumetric mixers and a cement silo, MBS felt the time was right to expand. After winning several large contracts they decided it would be financially beneficial to increase their operation and produce their own large-volume concrete.

Utranazz provided MBS with several options for concrete batching plants along with tailored drawings to show how the different plants could look on-site. As Utranazz supply the UK’s largest range of concrete equipment they were able to provide MBS with a total concrete batching package, including a plant, silos and truck mixers. This saved MBS time and money in dealing with different suppliers for different equipment.

Mitcham Building Supplies invested £500,000 in a complete new concrete batching facility, supplied and installed by Utranazz. The order included three 50 tonne Low-Level Cement Silos, three 8x4 Concrete Truck Mixers, and a Mobile 70 Wet Concrete Batching Plant.

The Mobile 70 Concrete Batching Plant is designed to be a plug-and-play unit and can be up and running within 24 hours of arrival on site. It produces 70m3 of concrete per hour and has two separate conveyor belts to enable faster batching. One belt is used to weigh the aggregates whilst the other belt simultaneously feeds the single-shaft mixer. This allows for precise measurement of raw materials and continual loading even whilst batching.

Once the plant and silos were installed and the truck mixers on-site, it was time to calibrate the load cells on the plant. Then the entire system was tested and comprehensive training provided to MBS’s staff on how to operate the equipment.

Managing Director of Mitcham Building Supplies, Karl Whaid, said: “Having our own concrete batching provision is a new avenue for us. Previously we supplied concrete using our fleet of volumetric mixers and a cement silo. However, we recently won a number of big contracts and now have a large order book for 2019, so the time was right for us to expand and be able to produce our own large-volume concrete.”

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CASE STUDY: Mitcham Building Supplies Invests £500k in New Concrete Batching Facility From Utranazz

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