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Concrete Mixers for Sale

Concrete Mixers for Sale

If you’ve been looking to acquire a concrete mixer but you’re not sure where to begin, then take note: the Utranazz concrete mixer sale is now on! Featuring an amazing selection of high-quality concrete mixers for sale, you could save up to £15,000! These mixers were previously part of our hire fleet and are being sold as we update our rental equipment, so the sale is only on while stocks last. Move quickly and get in touch with us today to snag yourself a great deal!


Hymix Concrete Mixer P8000 on 2016 Mercedes Arocs

This P8000 Hymix concrete mixer is mounted on a 2016 Mercedes Arocs with around 239,000kms on the clock. The P8000 itself is supplied with two extension chutes, wash-down hoses, a 300-litre aluminium water tank, a rear camera and a beacon bar.

The P8000 is a great all-rounder for first time buyers and seasoned concrete specialists alike. With savings of £10,000, you can pick this model up for the amazing price of £57,500. Click here to learn more about the Hymix / Mercedes, or get in touch today to enquire more about a purchase.


Mercedes / McPhee 8/9m3 Standard Concrete Mixer

Mounted on a 2018-model Mercedes Arocs model with an M-Cab, this McPhee concrete mixer with an 8/9m3 capacity is complete with two extension chutes, a 350-litre water tank and wash-down hoses. The vehicle is supplied with remaining manufacturer warranties, so for £77,500, you get a lot of value out of this modern and reliable concrete mixer truck.

You can learn more about the McPhee / Mercedes by reading our full listing here, or get in touch with your details to arrange a purchase.


DAF / McPhee 8/9m3 Standard Concrete Mixer

Another option if you’re looking for a McPhee concrete mixer with a capacity of 8/9m3, this mixer is supplied with extension chutes, a 400-litre water tank and wash-down hoses. The difference here is the 2018-model DAF CD 410 FAD it is mounted on, a vehicle with features such as a reversing alarm and front beacons.

With only 138,000kms recorded, this cab and chassis combination should keep in the years to come. Read our full listing for the McPhee / DAF here, or if you’re interested in making a purchase for £77,500, just contact us to get in touch with our friendly sales team.


Mercedes / Baryval 8m3 Standard Concrete Mixer

For an option focused on power, the Baryval 8m3 concrete mixer mounted on a 2020 Mercedes Arocs 5 might be the choice for you. With the raw power of a 400bhp engine specifically tailored to heavy-duty parts, this drum is powered by PMP PTO transmission, guaranteeing consistent and efficient mixing in any situation. This reliable concrete mixer truck has excellent handling and exceptional fuel efficiency.

If you’d like to pick this top-quality concrete mixer up for £87,500 then get in touch with us here, or read our full listing for the Mercedes / Baryval to find out more.


Mercedes / Schwing-Stetter AM8FHCLL 8m3 Standard Concrete Mixer

This Schwing-Stetter light line drum has a capacity of 8m3 with an advanced design that ensures consistent and high-quality concrete blends for your construction needs. The Mercedes Arcos 3240, meanwhile, takes the hassle out of driving and operating the mixer by featuring automatic transmission, allowing you to focus on the concrete with effortless gear changes. Spacious and eco-friendly, for £79,500 this model is not to be missed.

You can read more about our offer on the Mercedes / Schwing-Stetter here, or enquire further through our contact form about making a purchase with Utranazz.


Mercedes Arocs 5 / Schwing-Stetter AM8FHCLL 8m3 Standard Concrete Mixer

This truck combines the Schwing-Stetter 8m3 Light Line Drum with a powerful 2020 Mercedes M-Cab Arocs 5 for a truly exceptional concrete mixer truck. The advanced design of the drum ensures consistent concrete blends, and being powered by ZF PTO transmission, the powerful engine of the Mercedes will keep the mixer running smoothly and efficiently every time.

Find out more about the Mercedes / Schwing-Stetter mixer truck for £99,500 here, or get in touch with any additional queries about this offer here.


Mercedes / Hymix 8/9m3 Standard Concrete Mixer

Another concrete mixer truck with seamless power delivery thanks to Eaton PTO, the Hymix 8/9m3 drum has an adjustable capacity and thus the flexibility to tackle various projects without compromising on quality. Meanwhile, the auto transmission, Euro 6 compliance, and advanced features of the Mercedes Arocs 3240 redefine ease of operation.

You can pick this vehicle up for £89,500 by contacting us here, or read our full product listing for the Mercedes / Hymix 8/9m3 to find out more.


Mercedes / Schwing-Stetter AM8FHCLL 8m3 Concrete Mixer

The precision of a Schwing-Stetter 8m3 drum meets the powerhouse of the Mercedes Arocs 3240. Designed for optimal performance, this mixer guarantees the power needed to conquer demanding mixer tasks. This model also comes supplied with 2 extension chutes, a 300-litre water tank, and wash-down hoses, ensuring you’re equipped to tackle various mixing scenarios with ease.

For only £77,500 you can pick the Mercedes Schwing-Stetter up by getting in touch with our sales team, or read our full listing for the vehicle here.


Mercedes / Putzmeister (Intermix) P8UL 8m3 Standard Concrete Mixer

The Putzmeister (Intermix) P8UL offers excellent mixing capabilities and versatile controls, including both manual cable and electronic rev controls, making it a flexible choice for any concrete specialist. With a Mercedes 3243 engine of 430 bhp and ZF PTO power transmission, this is one of our most powerful vehicles and is definitely not one to be missed.

Read the full listing for the Mercedes/Putzmeister for £75,000 here, or contact us to make us an offer for this one-of-a-kind concrete mixer.


Mercedes / Imer LT8 8m3 Standard Concrete Mixer

Finally, the Imer LT 8 8m3 concrete mixer mounted on a reliable Mercedes model 3236 offers consistency and reliability without compromising on quality. Supplied with an extension chute, a 300-litre water tank, wash-down hoses and a washout box, this concrete mixer truck is an excellent turnkey solution. Its comprehensive service history detailed in the maintenance record goes to how that this vehicle is ready to use straight away, with minimal downtime and maximum productivity for only £59,500!

For more information about the Mercedes / Imer mixer truck, read our full listing here. To enquire more about this product or any of our on-sale concrete mixer trucks, make sure to contact us by phone, email or enquiry form and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Concrete Mixers for Sale

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