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Should you opt for a mobile or fixed cement silo?

Should you opt for a mobile or fixed cement silo?

What is a cement silo?

Cement silos are used to safely store and dispense powder materials such as cement powder, lime, fly ash and PFA. A cement silo is a great way to improve your business, providing a cost-effective method to bulk store your cement powder. Silos are often grouped into two types: mobile and fixed. Both variations have pros and cons to consider when looking to either hire or purchase a cement silo. With that in mind, we have put together the key advantages and disadvantages of each silo, to help you decide which one is best suited to you and your business.

Mobile cement silos

Mobile cement silos are popular for many businesses, thanks to the wealth of benefits they offer. Utranazz’s range of mobile cement silos are quick and easy to set up on-site and do not require a crane for assembly. One of the biggest advantages a mobile silo offers is that it does not require planning permission, making hiring or purchasing one an easy and simple investment. Their portable nature makes them a great choice for short-term projects, as they can be delivered and set up quickly, making them ideal to move from job-site to job-site. They are ready to use immediately and require no additional handling or set up fees.

Mobile cement silos offer many benefits, but it is important to consider that mobile silos are usually more expensive than fixed vertical silos. They also require more space on-site, as their horizontal design means they take up more floor space than a vertical silo.

Utranazz’s range of mobile horizontal Sami silos consists of multiple sizes, ranging from 15-100m3 in capacity. They can be fitted with a range of optional accessories, including radio remote control, electronic weigh batching equipment and water system with onboard tanks. Supplied to full EU specifications, all cement silos in the range conform to the latest safety regulations.

Fixed cement silos

Whilst mobile cement silos are beneficial, a fixed cement silo may be more suited to your business. Vertical fixed silos are often bigger than mobile silos and are able to store larger quantities of materials. A vertical cement silo takes up much less floorspace on-site, and so works well with smaller sites. They also tend to be more affordable and often less complicated to operate. A fixed cement silo is easy to maintain, as it only has one auger. Therefore, a fixed silo is a low maintenance and cost-effective option.

A fixed vertical silo requires planning permission prior to installation, due to their height. They also need to be secured in place and bolted to a concrete slab, making moving the silo from site to site a more difficult task, especially as a crane is required for assembly.

Utranazz’s range of Sami Silmatic vertical cement silos come in a range of sizes and capacities, from 15 – 200m3. Similar to our mobile range, the Slimatic cement silos can be fitted with numerous additional accessories, including air fluidisation systems and unloading screw feeders.

Mobile or fixed?

Whether you should opt for a mobile or a fixed silo is dependent on you and your business needs. Both offer equal financial benefits as bulk storing your dry powder and materials reduces delivery, cost, and labour. At Utranazz, we stock fixed vertical silos alongside mobile horizontal silos for hire and purchase, we offer a range of purchase options including part-exchange and hire-with-option-to-purchase. To browse our full range of cement silos visit: or get in touch via our online contact form or call: 01280 820 770.

Should you opt for a mobile or fixed cement silo?

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