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Sustainability and Concrete Equipment: The Utranazz Perspective

Sustainability and Concrete Equipment: The Utranazz Perspective

The concrete equipment industry is a vital part of the global construction sector, giving builders the tools they need to mix and pour concrete on an industrial scale. Concrete has played a pivotal role in the construction industry for well over a century, and its usage has witnessed exponential growth, particularly since the early 1900s.

However, the industry has only recently grappled with pressing concerns regarding sustainability. To put it into perspective, cement production is responsible for an annual output of approximately 2.8 billion tonnes of CO2, as reported by The Guardian. That’s more CO2 emissions than most major nations!

Given that concrete ranks second only to water as the most widely used substance on Earth, there has been an increase in demand for electric equipment and sustainable practices within the concrete equipment sector. In this article, we’ll explore Utranazz’s perspective on the issue and highlight some of our contributions to this controversial but important topic.


The Shift Toward Sustainability

Although concrete manufacturing is a major contributor to global emissions, traditional concrete equipment also poses sustainability challenges. One of the biggest is our reliance on petroleum-fuelled vehicles like volumetric concrete mixers and truck-mounted concrete pumps. As the concrete industry begins to explore sustainable alternatives to common practices, such as using recycled materials or alternative energy in the cement production process, concrete equipment is following suit with its own sustainable alternatives.

One of the key considerations is using electric vehicles in the concrete equipment industry, which as CleanTechnica points out would contribute to meeting the demand for vehicles with lower noise levels and zero exhaust emissions – which is important considering the increasing emphasis on zero-emission zones in cities.


Electric Concrete Equipment

In almost all industries, electric equipment helps to reduce carbon emissions by cutting out the use of non-renewable fossil fuels. Although electric equipment probably could not be powered by alternative energy sources alone, a focus on electric would allow us to utilise energy collected by wind, solar, tidal or geothermal processes, meaning that the impact of the overall supply chain would be drastically reduced.

In addition, electric concrete equipment can have a higher operational efficiency than diesel- or petrol-powered machinery. With faster start-up and shut-down times, a lower number of moving parts (and thus lower maintenance expenses), and more precise performance, innovations in the electric equipment market could provide an answer to these pressing questions.

At Utranazz, we've observed a growing interest in electric equipment and are committed to offering effective and reliable solutions to our customers. For instance, our product range encompasses an array of electric-powered equipment alongside dual-powered options, empowering our customers with choices that suit their specific needs.


Our offerings include all static and trailer-mounted concrete pumps, such as the Turbosol Electric 70M3 Concrete Pump, available in both diesel and electric models, ensuring flexibility with every purchase. Furthermore, we provide diverse options for various other products, like screed and mortar pumps (e.g., the Pro H CL Liquid Screed Pump), which are available in both electric and diesel variants.

We proudly offer the following electric concrete equipment:

  • Batching Plants: Our Batching Plants are exclusively electric-powered, aligning with our commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.
  • Cement Silos: Similarly, our Cement Silos are electric-powered, contributing to reduced emissions and environmental sustainability.
  • Concrete Remixers: We can now offer our range of Concrete Remixers with the option of being either diesel or electric-powered, providing flexibility and catering to diverse project requirements.
  • Pan Mixers: Our range of Pan Mixers is exclusively electric-powered, combining efficiency and sustainability seamlessly.
  • Reversible Drum Concrete Mixers: Our range of small output concrete mixers can be either diesel or electric-powered.

Furthermore, for larger equipment and plant needs, we provide high-performance options that integrate emission-free technology, ensuring operational efficiency across various construction sites while minimizing environmental impact.

At Utranazz, our dedication to offering electric-powered solutions underscores our commitment to environmental responsibility and customer satisfaction. We strive to empower our clientele with a versatile and sustainable range of concrete equipment and plant solutions.


U-Block Moulds: A Sustainable Solution

Another example of Utranazz’s sustainability efforts can be seen in our U-Block Moulds range in partnership with Blue Molds®. These handy, easy-to-use concrete block moulds can be utilised to offset concrete wastage by turning them into useful building blocks that slot together, allowing construction companies to make the most out of their concrete.

Block moulds are a simple way to make sure leftover concrete doesn’t go to waste and help to increase the sustainability of concrete usage overall. They can be used in a variety of different projects, from perimeter walls and fences to traffic management and fire protection.

Using U-Block Moulds doesn’t just help to increase your sustainability; they’re also economically efficient and give you the most bang for your buck when you’re working on a project that requires extensive concrete usage.


Sustainable Concrete Equipment: The Utranazz Perspective

At Utranazz, we wholeheartedly endorse any solution capable of significantly reducing carbon emissions within the concrete industry. However, as direct collaborators with builders and construction companies, we are acutely attuned to their concerns regarding potential compromises in concrete quality as a consequence of these sustainable practices.

Furthermore, we occupy a unique position, given that we don't wield a direct influence over the concrete supply chain. Instead, our primary stake in this matter hinges on the alignment of sustainable concrete practices with the equipment we provide, and whether we can reduce our reliance on conventional petrol-fuelled machinery.

Although we have provided some examples of our contributions to sustainability, including electric plant and concrete equipment and U-Block Moulds, there is sometimes concern within the industry surrounding their overall reliability when it comes to mixing and delivering concrete. Rest assured that we are confident that our solutions are right for our customers and continue to explore options to give you the best diversity of choice when you choose to buy or rent through Utranazz.



In this article we have explored some key questions related to the sustainability of both the concrete industry overall, and our niche as concrete equipment suppliers. Although there are still concerns that introducing new processes and technologies to our workflows could have a drastic impact on how the industry uses concrete, we are confident that these changes will have a positive impact in the long-run and help us to move toward a brighter future for the next generation.

If you’re interested in learning more about electric equipment, U-Block Moulds, or other sustainable products from Utranazz, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can be reached by phone (+441280820770), email ([email protected]) or contact form to answer any queries you might have – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Sustainability and Concrete Equipment: The Utranazz Perspective

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