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What equipment is best for isolated areas/poor access?

What equipment is best for isolated areas/poor access?

When you’re working in a location that’s isolated and hard to access, you’ll need equipment designed for these difficult working conditions.

What happens when you don’t have the right equipment?

Not having the right equipment when you start work on-site can lead to some serious problems.

If the equipment can’t get to the site because of poor access, if the tyres can’t cope with muddy conditions, or you can’t get huge vehicles to remote locations via small twisting roads – this can lead to the project taking far longer than expected.

As a consequence, the project ends up costing more too. In the most extreme cases, you might not be able to even complete the job.

Why are these pieces of equipment good for isolated areas?

We know exactly what pieces of equipment are essential for accessing isolated areas and getting the work done in difficult conditions.

The Kimera Small KS25 Wet Concrete Batching Plant

First up it’s the KS25 Batching Plant. This small batching plant is perfect for remote locations that require fresh concrete to be mixed on-site. Its compact size means it can easily access areas larger plants can’t, for example, if you need to work up a mountain! The plant is designed to be a plug-and-play unit, which ensures it can be up and working within just an hour of arrival on site. The KS25 is suitable for concrete, screed, mortar and cold asphalt and has a 25m3/hour maximum output. 

TB40 Concrete Line Pump

Our next choice is the TB40 Concrete Line Pump, which is extremely agile, combining powerful pumping at 40m3/hour with compact size. Mounted on an under HGV, 7.5 ton gvw cab/chassis they are perfect for placing concrete in hard-to-reach areas such as congested job sites or rural locations.

Rough Terrain Concrete Mixers

It’s in the name! Our self-loading rough terrain concrete mixers are already very popular with customers based in remote locations or sites with harsh terrains. The all-terrain traction system and tyres are perfect for conditions year-round, meaning that spells of poor weather or muddy sites won’t stop concrete being poured. This means that our customers can pour concrete in almost any conditions and not lose out on seasonal revenue.

The safety aspects of our rough terrain mixers make them the ideal choice for projects in confined conditions such as tunnels and remote locations such as quarries. A fully covered operating cab with reversible driver’s seat means that the operator is protected from low ceilings and obstacles on-site and with 360-degree viewing, the operator has the best safety features available to get tough work done efficiently.

The rotating slewing drum makes light work of discharging concrete in small spaces as it can reach almost any location and do it in the safest manner possible. The self-loading equipment means that there is no need for expensive or large machinery to load the drum, saving space and time on small sites and allows the operator to get on with the job.

Trailer Mounted Concrete Pumps

Our trailer-mounted concrete pumps offer the ideal solution for placing concrete or shotcrete in hard–to-access areas because of their compact size. They can also be used as an alternative to truck-mounted concrete pumps on larger pours that require a slower output rate. These pumps use groundline to gain access to hard-to-reach places, which can be laid along the ground, or if you need to pump vertically the groundline can be attached to scaffolding or suitable fixings up a wall.

You can explore our full range of concrete equipment here at or if you have a question you’d like to ask, please call one of our sales team on 01280 820 770 or email [email protected] for more information.

What equipment is best for isolated areas/poor access?

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