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What type of concrete mixer do I need?

What type of concrete mixer do I need?

A concrete mixer is a piece of machinery that combines cement, aggregate, such as sand or gravel, and water to form concrete. Concrete mixers can range from small to large, and from static to mobile. One of the most important decisions is choosing the right type concrete mixer for your project.

Standard Transit Concrete Mixers

Often used for larger projects, standard transit concrete mixers consist of a large rotating mixing drum mounted on a truck with special clutches and gear boxes to ensure that the rotation of the drum in transit is maintained at a constant rate of rotation, regardless of driving speeds and conditions. These concrete mixers are great for construction jobs that require large amounts of concrete at a time, at a site within easily accessible distance from a concrete batching plant where the concrete is produced.

These are incredibly easy to use and maintain, even with frequent usage. Our standard concrete mixers can come in both transit and trailer mounted versions with various drum sizes to suit your needs, from small 4m3 mixers to the larger 12m3 mixers, contact us or browse the website to have a look at what sizes we have on offer.

Volumetric Concrete Mixers

Volumetric concrete mixers can be either truck or trailer mounted, and contain separate compartments for the various materials needed for the concrete mix. This mix normally consists of sand, stone, cement and water.

One of the biggest advantages of a volumetric concrete mixer is that all of the materials are mixed on the job site to produce the exact amount of concrete needed, meaning there is no wastage and more profit, as and unused materials are just carried to the next job. This enables suppliers to service a larger area, as there is no risk of the concrete going off in-transit.

Volumetric concrete mixers are a good choice for smaller concrete businesses who are servicing a local market.

Rough Terrain Concrete Mixers

Rough terrain concrete mixers are 4x4 wheel drive trucks which are fitted with a front driver’s cab and a drum on the back to mix the concrete in. These concrete mixers are great for sites that have access issues and where ready mixed concrete cannot be easily accessed. Utranazz rough terrain concrete mixers are fitted with a reversible driver’s seat for 360o vision, making these mixers perfect for tunnelling jobs. The reversible seat is also a must-have now for all large construction sites, due to health and safety regulations.

All of our rough terrain concrete mixers can climb and travel across precarious terrains at gradients of up to 30° fully loaded with concrete. They can batch produce their own concrete on site, which makes them great for remote locations.

How can Utranazz help?

Here at Utranazz, concrete mixers are second nature to us, if you have any questions on what type of concrete mixer you require then speak to one of our experienced team members who will be able to guide you in the right direction. Contact us here.

All of these types of concrete mixers are available for hire and are also part of our hire-to purchase scheme, where you can hire the piece of equipment and either return it at the end of use or purchase it from us. All of the money you have spent on the hiring of the equipment will be deducted from the final sale price. For more information contact Utranazz on 01280 820 770 or email: [email protected]

What type of concrete mixer do I need?

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